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4 simple steps to create your website

We have reduced the development time to create a website. Find out how simple it is by just following these 4 steps :

Create your website Learn Why Us ?
  • 1. Push "Create Your Website" Button

    Click on any "Create Your Website" button throughout the website to start the website setup.

  • 2. Choose your Facebook Page

    Choose from a list of Facebook Page that you have. Make sure the Facebook Page you choose have been "Published".

  • .
  • 3. Choose your Website Theme

    Choose the prefered design for your website from our list of themes.

  • 4. Publish your Website

    Choose a subdomain that reflect your business. Ensure there is no space and symbol in the letters and make sure that it's all in one word. Then click "PUBLISH SITE NOW". The blue link at the bottom of the web builder page is your website address.

We bring you solutions that sets us apart

Create your website Our Features
  • Instantly Ready

    With instaweb.my platform, your website is ready in 4 steps. No more manual uploading to setup the website or waiting for your website developer to finish the job. Everything will be in place for your website instantly.

  • Instant Online Store

    Instaweb.my online store setup is so easy, all you need to do is upload your product and register with billplz, then you are ready to sell online immediately. No more waiting for approval on payment system.

  • Auto Update

    The biggest challenge of maintaining a website is keeping it up-to-date. With Instaweb, you don't have to rely on a third party to update your website and put up with slow turnaround times and get charged for it. Simply update your Facebook Page and see immediate changes reflected at your website*.

  • Get Noticed

    Instaweb.my will help your brand get more attention by raising your rank in search engine results. Drive more traffic to your business and open virtual doors to more potential customers

  • Easy to Use

    Straight forward content management system makes updating your website as easy as posting a Facebook update.

We have all the features you need to start your online business

Create your website
  • Online Store

    Kick start your online business with Instaweb.my that is fully functional with online store capabilities. Equipped with a Payment Gateway by Billplz, your clients can make payment directly to your bank account.

  • Mobile Friendly Design

    The layout adjusts as we move up from mobile devices to large desktop screens and not the other way around. This really speed things up.

  • Template Design

    Start your website by using our list of template that suitable for your business, we have all range of template design that sell

  • Form Builder

    With instaweb.my, building your own event form is just a drag and drop. We have a form builder widget that's so easy to use for you to start collecting your database and for your clients to make bookings for your services.

  • Easy to Use

    Straight forward content management system makes updating your website as easy as posting a Facebook update.

  • Chat system by Tawk.to

    We provide a FREE chat system by Tawk.to to enable you and your customers to interact directly from the website. The chat system apps is also available for IOS and Android.

Happy active users!

This is our wall of fame. It's not so much in the number of users, it's how much they have achieved with us that's important. We are just proud to see them utilise our platform to the max and grow their business. It's why we started Instaweb.

  • Customer Testimonial
    Uzair Salleh www.zadaar.com

    If you're looking for instant complete website with great after sales services, Instaweb is the answer.

  • Customer Testimonial
    Natrah Ramli www.sistaliciouscloset.com

    Hassle-free, update facebook je auto reflect kat web. Very convenience & user friendly. Highly recommended!

  • Customer Testimonial
    Hayath Nordin www.tokprintingbaju.com

    Mudah, friendly user, Sangat terbaik untuk usahawan. Hanya update di fb page, terus link ke website! Wow 5 star for Instaweb.

  • Customer Testimonial
    Salmo Sera www.salmoseramalaysia.com

    Mudah, senang & cepat! Kini nak buat website hanyalah in a blink! Siap ada payment gateway lagi untuk memudahkan buyer SalmoSera membeli serum jerawat kami. Memang awesome! :)

  • Customer Testimonial
    Suria Aura www.bazarmillion.net

    mmg amat amat membantu newb dlm biz online. chanel bayaran; wooww ohsem sesgt. sama hebat dgn website "giant" company tapi pada harge yg sememangnya semua mampu memilikinya

  • Customer Testimonial
    Amm Mashor Mahfiz www.ammofficial.com

    Website THORBAEK. siap ada e-commerce. Harga pon sgt berpatutan. Platform yg hebat bg mereka2 yg sedang mencari2 utk membuat website.

Meet The Team

What works normally will be brewing, growing and then sprouting from fertile creative minds - from IDEAS that spring to life when you use knowledge of your customers (users) demands (wish-lists?!), apply the right methods together with the appropriate tools to produce fit-for-purpose technology.

  • Rosnah Hussin - Chief Operation / Finance Officer -

    Rosnah Hussin, the co-founder of Instaweb. Vice President at Sime Darby Plantation with more than 20 years of experience in Trade, Marketing & Operations. She holds an MBA and a Degree in Chemistry. She loves chocolate and travelling and she is passionate about helping small businesses to grow.

  • Issani Isa - Chief Executive Officer -

    Issani Isa, the co-founder of Instaweb. Web Designer with more then 8 years experience in Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, and UX. He has a knack for simplifying solutions and has a lot more ideas to help small entrepreneurs thrive and stay current in their competitive industry.

  • Indera Nordin - Chief Technology Officer -

    Indera Nordin, the co-founder of Instaweb. Programmer with 8 years experience in various programming language.

  • Helmi Abu Bakar - Head of Event & Sales -

    He has vass experience in sales and event, and responsible on all of our event coordination.

  • Mohd Akmal Yunus - Event & Sales Executive -

    He has great experience in sales and event, and responsible on all of our event coordination.

  • Taufix Sallex - Creative Designer -

    And experience designer that have a lots of great design idea and very passionate with his work.

Our Training and Collaboration Partners

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Download and Manage your website with our Apps

We offer our clients a simple way to manage their website with our mobile apps. Now they can handle their business on the go.

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Instaweb is a Malaysian company dedicated to bring Information Technology to everyone from all walks of life.

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